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Traditional mobile advertising way to promote your products ,by familiarizing more people with your product or service, increasing sales and fostering brand loyalty.
A fun process which gives your business a chance to show its creative side, catch the eyeballs of audiance!
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Most pupular advertising form nowdays, designed according to client's demands, providing an all-round customization plan from ad scheming, visual effect designing to ad sources selection. It provides a friendly user experience and generates higher revenue for app developer.
You can use icon, content, or just an infomation flow.

Most effective way to catch the attention of your user with just a small and easy understanding video. High quality of user experience, high acceptance degree, visual and aural enjoyment, user's active participation.
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Generally offerwall is more like a app store or a "task list".User can download the app according to our suggestion. Simple operation, long list and only targeted geos to work on , fast monetization, user's active participation.

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Providing "Game Publishing Platform"

You can directly seek the good game from our platform or give us your requirement about games; we can quickly search out these games. It will be more convenient and effective for you and it also save your time.

We are especially careful in our campaign selection processes to find the most entertaining games&apps and roll them out in the most efficient ways.